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Friday, March 17, 2006

Cutting Those Bills - Cell Phone

Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three-and paradise is when you have none! -Doug Larson

In keeping with our goal of trying to reduce our bills by 20%, I was discussing this goal with a few co-workers that we work with. A co-worker then told me that our company has many employee discount plans that one can take advantage of. After a little investigation, we found that we could stay with our current cell phone provider and receive a 25% employee discount. Of course, I was on the phone last night with a representative in SouthEast Asia changing our plan to receive the discount. On top of that, we added more minutes by increasing the amounts by 37.5%, will be paying for a less expensive plan, plus then discount on top of this. All in all, we are hoping for more than 25% saving, but 25% is within our goal, therefore we are extremely happy with this deal and program!


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