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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Uh, Sorry For The Inconvenience But....NO!

You were never there for me were you mother? You expected Mike and Carol Brady to raise me! I'm the bastard son of Claire Huxtable! I am a Lost Cunningham! I learned the facts of life from watching The Facts of Life! Oh God! -From Cable Guy

Well, yesterday we tried to tackle another reoccurring bill that we feel is just too much. 6 months ago, we signed up for digital phone with our local cable company. With this new service, the cable company was offering Digital cable, Broadband, and the digital phone service for $99. We thought this was a great deal, cancelled the local landline (SBC was charging $34 for basic service), and signed up. Well, 6 months has come and gone! We received our cable bill yesterday and noticed it was $175 with these services (We think we need a loan just to pay the taxes on this service - $20). So, we contacted the cable company to see what they could do about it!

We read that if you approach any service merchant with a change or we walk attitude, they are less likely to budge. A better way is too give them a price comparison from their competitors, and see if they will match. So we called, and we promptly discussed with the rep. that we really enjoy their service, we don't want to have to switch, but we keep receiving flyers for specials with a satellite dealer! 'I am sorry for your inconvinience, but at this time, we are unable to offer any price match from other dealers!' stated the rep. Ok, but $175 to me is just too much for us to spend on these services. 'I am sorry for your inconvience, but at this time, we are unable to charge less for these services. We could discuss downgrading your service!' Downgrade the service? How so? 'You could drop your service to basic and pay $15 less a month.' And that's when it hit me! This situation was just completely reversed. The rep. gave me an offer that pretty much said: If you think you spend too much, you change it, not us! Let's just say, game over!

I know many would say downgrade, pay $15 less, drop the phone, and pay about $100. But for right now, we are unwilling to do that. We discussed it afterwards and we both came to the agreement that we like to be able to watch what we want, when we want (DVR is included with digital cable). This downgrade, for $15/month or $180/year, is just not worth it for us. So, the cable company won this battle. We are thinking of switching if we can get many of the same services from a satellite provider, but from the little that we have read, the installing fees and switching fees (phone) can add to almost no savings in the switch! Uh, Sorry For The Inconvenience But............NO!


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