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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Expenses For March 2006

Very similar to other bloggers, we use this blog for two main factors:
  1. To allow others to accompany us by being able to read and comment on our path towards financial freedom.
  2. For us to be able to see where we are going on this financial 'path' by seeing where we have been.

In saying that, this post falls under Category 2 of those factors. Our monthly expenses for March were:

As you can see, our budget calls for a monthly expense amount of $3,345. We were 19.41% above this number. Factors that attribute to this is the fact that many of the expenses that were paid for in March were services that were provided in the month of February. We started this blog in March, and we are hoping that many of our actions to 'cut the fat' from our expenses will begin to be seen in the month of April. We plan on changing our budget monthly based on upcoming expected expenses, however, we would like our expenses to remain less than $3,500/month. Many of our expense lowering can be found in post titled Cutting Those Bills


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