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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just This Close To Free Money!

This past weekend we flew home for a family member's wedding as well as Mr. Medicated parent's 35th anniversary! We decided to catch a flight home late Thursday night and leave shortly after getting out of work. As is normal, nothing ever seems to go exactly as you planned, and we found ourselves rushing to the airport with about an hour until the flight left. After running the 5k sponsored by the airport terminal, we made it to our gate as the flight was boarding. In between trying to catch our breath, we heard that Continental overbooked the flight by 2 seats and were looking for volunteers to offer up their seat in exchange for compensation. Not knowing what the compensation would be and the fact that we were trying to just recover from the run (at least Mr. Medicated was; Mrs Medicated looked like it was nothing!), we didn't even consider ourselves as possible volunteers. Yet, as we were walking to step in line to board the plane, the gate attendant announces, 'Excuse me travelers, but we are looking for just 2 passengers to give up their seats for this flight. Each passenger will be compensated with $400 Continental money, night in a hotel (this was the last flight of the night), and meal vouchers will be included.' Well, to be honest, when we heard the $400/ticket, we looked at each other and said let's do it. The funny thing is before this blog was created and money was our last concerned, we would have tuned out the announcement, and boarded the plane.

Yet, this was a deal! After confirming what we heard, we signed up for the deal and took a seat as others boarded the plane. We kept laughing thinking we were going to make $800 dollars plus stay at a hotel plus a meal voucher for leaving 10 hrs later (we were able to rebook the flight home for the next morning at 7 am). This was great: quality time for us to just relax for the night, plus our next couple of flights home paid for! Everything was blue heaven until we heard, 'Mr. & Mrs. Medicated, please come to the desk immediately!' That didn't sound good. Unfortunately, we were told that a flight that they were waiting for was 30 minutes late, and they decided not to hold the plane for those 2 unknown passengers we gave our tickets up for! 'You must board immediately, but here are 2 drink vouchers as a way for us to say thank you for volunteering!' We went from a nice night of being paid $800/dollars, hotel accommodations, and meal vouchers to being that person that boards the plane after it has been waiting already 30 mins to leave. You know what I mean, the stares, the comments of we made everyone leave late because we were late even though we were sitting just outside the plane for the past 30 mins!


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