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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nice To Be Back!

For the Easter Weekend, we decided to go on a cruise with our family. We left last Thursday morning and returned Monday morning. The cruise we went on was the Carnival Ecstasy. We had a great time with our family enjoying the Easter holiday, however, we were disappointed with the overall experience of Carnival.

Our main complaint with the cruise was the amenities the ship offered. We felt that the ship had limited activities that did not involve spending more money. Our expectations were that an all-inclusive trip would include many different activities to spend one's time while out at sea, quality dining selections, and impeccable service. Instead, we felt that Carnival offered no activities other than sitting around drinking very high priced drinks or making a donation to the casino, less than average dining selections, and excluding our waiters at dinner, a staff that either could not answer our questions or just did not seem to care to.

Although the cruise did not meet our expectations, we did have a great time with our family, and in the end, what we paid for the trip was definitely worth the experience. In hindsight, we would most likely look at the amenities of the ship more instead of just the price of the trip. Many friends and family that we discussed this with have stated that one should not base this experience on all cruise lines, and that we may be more satisfied with one of the more prominent lines. We would love to hear comments about other's experience with Carnival and other cruise lines.


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