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Monday, May 01, 2006

Medicated In The 'Big Easy'

We had a great time in New Orleans this past weekend. We drove to New Orleans after work on Friday afternoon, attended Jazz Fest Saturday, and then headed home Sunday. We spent some time walking around the French Quarter as well drove around some of the harder hit areas of town. Overall, the city is definitely rebuilding, but it looks to be a slow progress. We think the French Quarter will get back to pre-storm status, but it is hard to say the same for the other areas. On the way home, we discussed with our friends if we were from the city, would we move back? The majority of us probably would not go back! If everything was lost, we all stated we would move on in a different city. It is sad to say this, but the destruction is that bad. Yet, the people of New Orleans seem determined to rebuild and this was readily apparent at the festival! A few photos of the festival and the destruction of the city!

Jazz Fest 2006

The Rebirth of New Orleans Stage

One of the marshals of the parade

Dave Matthews Band

New Orleans - Post-Katrina

Rite Aid is reduced to this trailer:

The Super Dome


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