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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Net Worth - April 2006

The month of April was a really good month for us. We both received raises at work, we reach our budgeted amount towards our debt repayment, we were able to go on 2 small vacations for minimal costs, and our net worth increased by 10%.

Here is the breakdown for the month:

A couple of comment regarding this past month's progress:

  • We changed the format of this spreadsheet this month. Instead of looking at the Rate of Return of our money, the last 2 columns represent the monthly % change over the past month, and the yearly % change is in comparison of our money from the beginning of this blog (March 1, 2006).
  • We are extremely happy that our net worth increase over 10% this past month. Our goal is to have our net worth increase between 9% - 11% per month.
  • We were able to make a total of $3,678.10 towards our debt repayment plan this past month. We would like to pay at least $3,500 to $4,000/month towards this goal.
  • We are hoping that we can pay off Student #2 ($3,061.43) by the end of next month. We received raises during the month of April. With this additional money and the difference from our emergency account, we are thinking of paying the loan in total!
  • We are thinking of possibly selling one of our cars, which in turn, would be a major factor in our debt repayment and overall net worth. As you may remember, we do not include the worth of cars in our net worth. Why not? Well, see here! We look to discuss this issue in our next post.

Overall, we are happy with our progress this past month, but we are determined to do better.


  • Nice job. That's a lot of progress.

    It's funny to me though that you think of your progress in terms of percentage change before actual dollar increase. Just think if your net worth for March had been $1. Your gain in net worth would have been 860,798% That would have been sweet! :-)

    By Blogger John OMM, at 7:33 PM, May 02, 2006  

  • Hey John OMM,

    Thanks for the response! The goal for right now is to view progress as % change instead of numerical growth, although one could argue it is the same value, just viewed from different angles! Besides, I like to state our numbers in black instead of the dreary red.

    After checking out your progress, looks like we both are on the march to get the red out! Thanks again for reading!

    By Blogger Medicated Money, at 8:47 PM, May 02, 2006  

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