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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Expenses - May 2006

As stated before, we continue to monitor our expenses in this blog. We know that for the most part, these posts are as exciting as watching the paint dry, however, we like to post it for us to be able to keep tabs on all aspects of our financial status.

In May, we unfortunately did not stay under budget for the second straight month. We were thinking of revising the budget to allow a higher allowance, but would rather have the pressure on us to try to make it in the black by reducing our spending instead of changing numbers to have us reach this goal.

Here is our expense report for May:

Through our 'cutting the fat' from many of our recurring bills, we are beginning to see the difference in our monthly budget. However, our budget got destroyed with the purchase of additional clothing, dining out, and the increase of fuel. We were 7.01% (238.09) over our budget.

Overall, we still hope to reach our goal of staying under $3,300 for the month of June. We will see if we reach this goal next month.


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