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Thursday, July 20, 2006

We'll Take That One?

We flew back home to the Northeast today to begin our search for next place of residence. We are planning on looking for a place until Sunday, when we will return to Houston.

As of right now, we trimmed down our prospective list of apartments to 10. We feel that one out of these 10 should be a good find and a good place to live for most likely 1 year. Our plan is to be able to rent a place for one more year, then determine an area that we would like to buy a house, save a decent down payment, and purchase a house roughly 1 year from now. We have talked about the possibility of renting for more than 1 year if we find the right situation, but we would decided this later.

Due to all of this activity, we probably will not post anything until Monday of next week. Thanks for reading, and we'll update you on what we find.


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