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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Expense Of Moving Cross-Country & Getting Back On Track

I estimated that our move would cost us around $2,500. Boy was I wrong! All in all, by changing jobs and moving 1,500 across the country, our bill was around $4,000. Add in the fact that in this month we ended up paying 2 different rents for the majority of the month, we are looking at roughly a $5k bill. For the majority of this bill, we put most of it on credit cards to be able to buy some time in paying for everything; however, we need to pay it this CC bill to avoid interest. We are going to take a serious hit in our net worth and debt repayment due to this move.

As of right now, I am planning on starting my new job September 5th. Mrs. Medicated is still currently looking for a position after having a couple of leads fall through. We are not worry about her situation, though we would like her to find something sooner than later. We still have 2 paychecks each coming from our old employer that we will help for the month of September, as well as receiving our security deposit back from our old rental house. All in all, we are planning to pay off the credit card as soon as possible, place the remaining money from these checks in our debt repayment, and hopefully be back on a dual income by October. From there, it is our goal to try to finish paying off our remaining balance on our debt repayment plan, and then beginning saving for our house down payment.

Our goal is buy a house in the next 12 to 18 months depending on the location, price, and amount saved for the down payment. We are extremely happy with the decision that we have made to move, but as you can see, it has changed our financial progress. We need to just get settled into our new house, new job(s), and then determine how fast we can get the train back on track! Thanks to all of the well-wishers especially D over at Divorce To Financial Freedom for the encouraging words and support!


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