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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Little Vacation!

After driving 1,500 miles, the last thought on my mind would be drive another few hundred miles. However, like always, Mrs. Medicated was right in saying that I would definitely look forward to it after the move. Why would she say this? Well, we are planning on driving to the beach for a 3 day mini-vacation. After the stress of our move, the Drive, and the unpacking of the past 3 days, we are ready to just sit back and relax. So thinking ahead, Mrs. Medicated planned this small vacation before the stress of the move really kicked in 3 weeks ago.

Yes, financially speaking, it may not be the smartest decision to go and spend money on a vacation after spending close to 5k to move across the country, but you know what, we need it! After doing this blog since March, I have realized that you can only worry about money so much, after that, it is time wasted. Sometimes you just have to live a little, and if that means spending some money on yourself instead of waiting for a rainy day, so be it! So, I apologize if this goes against the grain on the personal finance advice, but we need some time to just unwind and get ready to start a new job! I promise we’ll kick it into financial ass-kicking gear starting next week!


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