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Thursday, August 03, 2006

One "Caution: This Thing Makes Wide Turns" Sticker, Please!

Well, today we booked the rental truck for our move home. Add another $1,000 to the continuing growing moving expense tab.

We have decided to move ourselves due to an atrocious personal experience with a moving company plus the many horror stories from others with their dealing with movers. In the end, we figured that we would pay less moving ourselves with the help of friends and family then going with professional movers, or at least break even.

We have decided to rent a 24ft truck, equipment to tow a car, and then drive the 2nd car. We are planning on this trip taking us approximately 3 days. So with the cost of the truck and trailer plus the expense of gas, food, and accommodations, we are hoping to stay under $2,000. That would make the total cost of moving close to $2,500. Not too bad for moving across this the county!


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